Senior Care Recipes: Honey Wheat Bread

Elder Care in Schaumburg, IL
The smell of warm, fresh bread is one of the most comforting and homey smells you can experience. Baking up a loaf of bread with your aging loved ones is the perfect way to spend quality time with your seniors and enhance their diet with delicious, wholesome bread ideal for adding […]

Family Caregiver: Tips for Caring for Someone with Cancer

Caregivers in Wilmette, IL
When a loved one receives a cancer diagnoses, most of us will want to help in any way possible, even if that means being the caregiver while they are receiving in-home care. However, without knowing what to expect when caring for someone with cancer, it could lead to a bag of mixed […]

Why the Elderly Should Have a Pet

Elderly Care in Chicago, IL
Most people treat their four-legged companions as part of the family by purchasing special food, giving them their own pet bed, and even letting them ride in the front seat of the car. From dogs to cats to fish, pets can add a great deal of value to people of all ages, especially […]

Water is the Fountain of Youth

Senior Care in Arlington Heights, IL
Water is the life force. The USGS reports that human bodies are made of up to 60% water. Some tissues have even more water content. The heart and brain are about 73% water. The lungs are 83% water. Even bones have a great deal of water, being comprised of about […]

Caregiver Awareness: The Importance of Early Diagnosis for Hypertension

Caregivers in Lake Forest, IL
One of the most important things you do within your caregiver relationship with your elderly loved ones is monitoring their health and taking steps to protect them from serious concerns. Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a common condition for aging adults, but the frequency with which it appears […]

Elder Care Recipes: Fast and Delicious Homemade Fried Rice

Elder Care in Wilmette, IL
Ordering Chinese food takeout is a convenient way to get dinner on the table, but it can be extremely expensive and the food often contains ingredients you would rather not have your aging loved ones eating. Creating your own homemade fried rice is a simple elder care activity to do with […]

Spending Fourth of July with Family Should Include Care for the Senior when Needed

Senior Care in Chicago, IL
The Fourth of July is a great time to celebrate the nation’s independence, and it’s also an opportunity for families and friends to get together. There are many barbecues and outdoor events that occur on or around the Fourth of July holiday, and for any senior who requires extra care, it […]

Elderly Care Recipes: Refreshing and Sweet Lemonade Cake

Elderly Care in Schaumburg, IL
Sweet treats are a fun way to make any day of your elderly care journey more special, and whether you are celebrating a birthday, getting together with friends and family for a summer block party, or just craving something a bit indulgent at the end of the day, nothing says dessert […]

4 Commonly Overlooked Safety Issues for Seniors with Vision Problems Who also Refuse Elder Care

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When Ernie was 79 years old, he began to notice a change in his ability to see clearly, especially at night. He had long had difficulty seeing well at night when driving, but the problem began to grow more significant when he hit 79.
Ernie was living alone, had been for more […]

Is Summer Becoming Too Much for Your Elderly Parent?

Elder Care in Lake Forest, IL
The summer months are great for getting out and doing things in the warm weather. Many people like to go to the beach, spend time in their garden, or get involved in sports. For the elderly, though, the summer can be more difficult. Not everyone has air conditioning in their […]