Elder Care Observances: Dental Hygiene Month

Senior Care in Barrington, IL
One of the very first things that most people teach their children about taking care of themselves is how to brush their teeth. Many mothers even bring their little babies into the bathroom to massage their gums and clean their mouths with little fingertip brushes to keep their mouths healthy and […]

Understanding How Age Affects Balance

Senior Care in Barrington, IL – Maintaining Proper Balance is Essential to Fall Prevention
While it is more likely to have balance problems as you age, younger people can experience issues with balance as well. However, with proper prevention, your senior parent can reduce their chances of developing some balance issues. It’s important to understand more about […]

Why You Should be Involved in Senior Care in Barrington, IL

When Denise’s mother had a mild stroke, she drove to the hospital concerned for both her mother, and the potential impact this event would have on both of their lives. Denise’s job was very important to her, and missing a lot of work to be her mother’s primary caregiver was not something she planned on. […]

Senior Care in Barrington, IL: Alzheimer’s Symptoms in a Loved One

It’s not as easy as it may seem to recognize early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in a loved one. There are many components that are factors in this difficult process. For example, a close family member may not see the symptoms even when they become more pronounced; in a sense they become blind to the […]