Elder Care Awareness: American Pharmacist Month

Elder Care in Chicago, IL

Elder-Care-in-Chicago-ILDeveloping a care team featuring several different professionals, loved ones, and other support resources can be incredibly helpful in making sure that your elder care journey is as safe, effective, and beneficial as possible both for your seniors and for you. This care team is all about having people around you that you trust and who are willing to offer supportive, assistive, or educational services to help you create a personalized elder care approach that will allow them to live the lifestyle that they desire while meeting their needs on a daily basis.

While you likely recognize members of your care team such as doctors, an elderly health care services provider, nurses, occupational and physical therapists, siblings, friends, and neighbors, one person who you may not always realize makes an important impact on your parents’ care is a pharmacist. This October, make an effort to learn more about the services of pharmacists and recognize the benefits they can give your parents while observing American Pharmacist Month.

Pharmacists offer a wide range of services to patients, helping them to make the decisions that are right for their personal health approach. Some of these include:

• Clinical medical management

• Providing reliable and accurate pharmaceutical information

• Referrals to other forms of health professionals as may be beneficial to the specific patient

• Public health promotion and services such as administering immunizations and checking blood pressure

• Development of compound medications

• Health counseling or education to guide patients in appropriate health tasks such as following doctor instructions

• Giving advice for non-medical health decisions such as home remedies and weight loss

Some of the specific ways that a pharmacist can help you with your elder care efforts for your seniors include:

• Reviewing your parents’ medication regimen and recognizing any potential interactions that may exist between prescribed drugs, or prescriptions and any over-the-counter medications you report your parents taking

• Offering recommendations for products you could use to enhance your parents’ care, such as meal replacements, over-the-counter remedies, or assistive products

• Periodic screenings such as for blood pressure

• Offering advice for what types of side effects you might see in your seniors while taking particular medications and how you can help them manage them.

While your seniors’ physician should always be your first source of information and guidance regarding your loved ones’ health and well-being, a pharmacist can be a source for advice and support in between visits with the doctor. During American Pharmacist Month, talk with your parents’ doctor about the benefits of including a pharmacist in your care team and what types of information and services you can glean from that person. If you already have a pharmacist who you interact with on a regular basis, be sure to take this opportunity to thank them for all they do for your senior.

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