Great Ways for Seniors to Celebrate Old Farmers Day on October 12th


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Home-Health-Care-in-Arlington-Heights-ILThere are so many ways a senior can stay active throughout their golden years. With all of the different holidays and other celebratory days out there, it should be easy for a senior to find things to stay occupied. For most seniors, farming is something that they grew up with and that is very near and dear to their heart. Celebrating Old Farmers Day on October 12th is a great way for a senior to get back in touch with their roots and to get in touch with the land that they are so familiar with. Here are some of the ways that a senior can celebrate this holiday.

Bring the outdoors inside

When trying to pay homage to the farmers of the past, a senior can use the fruits of a farmer’s labor, so to speak, to decorate their property. Fall is a wonderful time to purchase decorations made from corn.  Many senior centers hold craft bizarres where these kind of bountiful decorations can be found.

Take a farm tour

A lot has changed in the world of farming in the past 50 years and a senior can get a firsthand look at these changes by visiting a farm. In most cases, a senior will have no problem finding farms in their area that give these tours, especially during this time of year. The senior will be able to get a look at the new machinery used in the farming industry and just how their food goes from farm to table. Getting this kind of up close look at what a farmer goes through on a daily basis can allow a senior to gain a new respect for what it takes to get food out to the public.

Shop at a local farmer’s market

Another great way for a senior to celebrate this holiday is by shopping at a local farmer’s market. These types of markets are where the farmer will bring crops directly from their farm to sell to the general public. By shopping at one of these markets, a senior will be able to give back to a farmer by buying directly from the farmer. In fact,  senior care providers should think about making these kinds of trips often with their clients. This is a great way for a senior to get out and mingle with the people of their community in a safe environment.

Celebrating the farmers of the past on this day is a great way to salute a part of America’s history. There are a number of things that one can do to show their appreciation for farmers, which will require a senior to do a bit of research to figure out the best way for them to celebrate this special day.  .



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