Helping Seniors Save on their Electric Bills

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Seniors receiving in-home care are more often than not living on a fixed income, therefore finding cost cutting strategies is beneficial. Families can help by looking at their loved one’s budget and compare it to their monthly bills. There are certain bills, such as their electric bill, they can use cost cutting measures to help finding more affordable ways to live. That way those funds can be used for other things including other areas of their budget that’s lean, home modifications, entertainment, and other financial needs.

Local Assistance Programs

Those who are aging in place may need additional lighting or other devices requiring use of electricity as part of their home care plan. Therefore, families can research local energy assistance programs to help their loved one reduce their energy costs or receive a grant to help them pay their monthly bill. Because a significant amount of paperwork is typically associated with these types of programs, it is essential that families or friends help seniors navigate through this process so they don’t become overwhelmed and give up. An elder care provider can help families facilitate this process with their aging loved one.

Perform an Energy Audit

There are energy audits that can be performed directly by the electric company which help reduce energy costs significantly. This is the first step families can take to help their aging loved one reduce costs within the home. Seniors may feel uncomfortable having the energy audit performed unaccompanied, so an in-home care provider could be present to offer companionship while this is occurring. This will also ensure questions by the auditor will be answered if the senior is too shy or uncomfortable throughout the auditing process.

Cost Cutting Measures Throughout the Home

Additional cost cutting measures can be made throughout the home including:

  • Unplugging appliances or other electronics not used regularly.
  • Turning off bright lights when leaving the room (night lights do not pertain).
  • Turning down the heat or air conditioning in rooms not used regularly.
  • Replacing appliances with those featuring the “Energy Star” logo whenever affordable.
  • Sealing leaky windows and doors.
  • Wash clothes in cold water as often as possible.
  • Dry clothes out on a clothes line as often as possible.
  • Use the “air dry” feature on dishwashers that have them.
  • Turn off monitors, consoles, DVD players, and other electronics not in use.

Additional Thoughts

When seniors are aging in place and receiving home care, they may need many senior care products requiring use of additional electricity. With that in mind, as well as the fact that most seniors receiving in-home care are also on a fixed income, families can find cost cutting measures for their electric bill. When families are stumped for ideas or are having a difficult time with the paperwork associated with assistance programs, they can receive support from an elder care provider. Each of these efforts will not only help reduce their loved one’s electric bill, but it will free up funds they may need elsewhere in their budget.

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