How the Elderly Can Manage Urinary Incontinence


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Elderly-Care-in-Arlington-Heights-ILOne of the many changes our bodies go through as we age is the inability to control our bladder. Because most seniors receiving elder care are embarrassed by this problem, they do not want to talk to their doctors about it. If your loved one is going through urinary incontinence, they are not alone because 1 out of 10 elders suffer from some form of urinary incontinence. This problem has also caused seniors to shy away from favorite activities because they are worried over what their bladders may do when they are out in public. Although it is a common problem, it does not have to be one that affects your aging loved one. Here are some tips the senior you are providing in-home care for can use to manage urinary incontinence.

Balance the amount of fluids consumed

Most people think that by drinking less water, their bladder problems will be solved. That could not be further from the truth. Not drinking enough water may cause the urine to become more concentrated, which will irritate the bladder and increase the urgency to go. Instead, drink a balanced amount of fluids to keep your bladder healthy and less the chances of incontinence.

Go to the bathroom regularly

If your loved one waits to use the bathroom until their bladder is full, it may be too late to avoid any leaks or other bladder issues. Encourage them to use the bathroom on a schedule, such as every two or three hours, to empty their bladders. If your loved one will be leaving the house for several hours, make sure they use the bathroom prior to their trip.

Know where the bathrooms are

When going out in public, find out where all of the bathrooms are in case you need to make an emergency stop. If you are going to a new place, doing a little research ahead of time on the company’s website will save you the headache of having to find it when you get there. Otherwise, you can also ask a staff member where the nearest restrooms are.

Keep a journal

Urinary incontinence is a problem that needs to be discussed with your loved one’s doctor, and the best to do that is by keeping a journal. Help your aging parent jot down what they drank, when they drank it, when they used the bathroom, and when they had leakage problems. This will give the doctor a better idea of what form of incontinence your loved one is suffering from.


Urinary incontinence is a condition that is common among the older population. With these tips, your loved one will be able to manage it much more effectively.



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