Innovative Home Care: Using Martial Arts to Enhance Senior Health

Home Care in Glenview, IL

Home-Care-in-Glenview-ILKeeping your aging loved ones physically active and healthy is a vital element of their ongoing care throughout their later years. Finding ways to keep them interested in their exercise and participating in a way that actually gives them the benefits that they need, however, can be challenging. Seniors who do not enjoy the physical activity, are bored doing the same thing over and over again, or do not see the benefits, are unlikely to cooperate and may even hurt themselves because they do not do the activity correctly. One way that a home care arrangement can be extremely beneficial for your aging loved ones is with a care provider who can teach your seniors an interesting and engaging form of physical exercise, and support them in pursuing the activity more so that they can gain both physical and emotional benefits.

Martial arts has long been a popular form of exercise for young people. Many parents put their children in martial arts lessons to boost the amount of physical activity that they get, elevate their self-confidence, and give them skills that will benefit their lives as they get older. Children, however, are not the only people who can improve their health and well-being for the long term by participating in martial arts. This type of training is a fantastic way to enhance your parents’ health and make their home care routine more exciting.

Some of the benefits of practicing martial arts for your seniors include:

• Reduced fall risk. Falls are a very serious risk for elderly adults. Each year hundreds of thousands of seniors end up in the hospital due to injuries caused by falls, and some will never full recover. Seniors who actively participate in martial arts, however, tend to be at a lower risk for experiencing these incidents. Martial arts training utilizes a variety of movement styles that increase flexibility, core strength, and balance, all of which reduce fall risk and help your parents protect themselves from serious injury if they do happen to fall

• Increased mobility. Reduced activity levels and sedentary lifestyles can lead to seniors with joint stiffness, pain, and reduced range of motion. Not only is this uncomfortable, it can also lead to higher instances of injuries and further lack of mobility in the future. Martial arts conditions the joints to improve flexibility and range of motion, which eases pain and stiffness and increases body control so your parents can move with more confidence

• Social interaction. While learning martial arts from a skilled in home health care services provider can offer your aging loved ones a variety of benefits, getting out and taking a class offers the additional benefit of increasing social interaction. Social engagement supports ongoing mental and emotional health by lessening the instance of depression and anxiety, preventing feelings of isolation and irrelevance, and stimulating the mind with conversation and emotional responses.

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