Autumn Tips to Keep Seniors Healthy

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With the changes in season often come colds, the flu, and other illnesses that can become life-threatening to older adults. The cool, crisp air and rain-covered roads is a drastic change from the warm summer days we had just a few weeks ago, but learning how to transition to the […]

How the Elderly Can Manage Urinary Incontinence

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One of the many changes our bodies go through as we age is the inability to control our bladder. Because most seniors receiving elder care are embarrassed by this problem, they do not want to talk to their doctors about it. If your loved one is going through urinary incontinence, […]

Great Ways for Seniors to Celebrate Old Farmers Day on October 12th

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There are so many ways a senior can stay active throughout their golden years. With all of the different holidays and other celebratory days out there, it should be easy for a senior to find things to stay occupied. For most seniors, farming is something that they grew up with and […]

5 Common Health Problems Your Elderly Loved One Could Face

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If you’re not familiar with some of the health problems that can crop up for your elderly loved one, it’s important to at least understand what he could be facing. Some of these illnesses are strictly age-related, but others can show up much earlier in someone’s life as well. The more informed […]

Elder Care Awareness: American Pharmacist Month

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Developing a care team featuring several different professionals, loved ones, and other support resources can be incredibly helpful in making sure that your elder care journey is as safe, effective, and beneficial as possible both for your seniors and for you. This care team is all about having people around you […]

Elder Care Observances: Dental Hygiene Month

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One of the very first things that most people teach their children about taking care of themselves is how to brush their teeth. Many mothers even bring their little babies into the bathroom to massage their gums and clean their mouths with little fingertip brushes to keep their mouths healthy and […]

Innovative Home Care: Using Martial Arts to Enhance Senior Health

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Keeping your aging loved ones physically active and healthy is a vital element of their ongoing care throughout their later years. Finding ways to keep them interested in their exercise and participating in a way that actually gives them the benefits that they need, however, can be challenging. Seniors who do […]

Caregiver Awareness: Bringing Special Focus to Women’s Heart Health

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As a family caregiver for your elderly loved ones, focusing on health awareness and educating yourself on the things you can do to help keep your seniors as healthy, comfortable, and active as possible throughout their aging years is one of your most important responsibilities. Focusing in on the particular risks that […]

Helping Seniors Save on their Electric Bills

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Seniors receiving in-home care are more often than not living on a fixed income, therefore finding cost cutting strategies is beneficial. Families can help by looking at their loved one’s budget and compare it to their monthly bills. There are certain bills, such as their electric bill, they can use […]

Understanding In-Home Care and What Choices are Available

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When faced with the decision of how to care for the aging parent in your life, it can be a confusing and overwhelming experience in deciding what elderly care is needed if you don’t understand what options are available.
Why In-Home Care Vs. a Facility?
Providing in-home care to your aging parent allows them to […]